lil bro made me proud

So I came home this weekend and stopped by the slaugtherhouse to see my dad and brother. Well, underneath his cowboy hat I noticed my brother had a picture perfect, textbook black eye lol So I asked him what had happened, he said, "Oh, I boxed a couple round with X and then with Y, then with X again." My brother is 17, about 150-155. Both these guys were at least 24 and around 300 pounds, no lie. They just have no boxing skills, only streetfights. So my brother fought thme both, one right after the other lol. He owned the biggest, fattest, most predictable of the two, and did pretty well against the other one (a svelte 290). He's a tough little SOB, I'm glad I've got a few years, a few inches, and about 40 pounds on him or he'd run this place lol

lol When he came in from work I asked if he wanted me o pick him up some better gloves so he doesn't get the facial problems and he said nonchalantly, "Oh, we weren't wearing any gloves." What a retard, he's lucky he's so fast.

My lil bro is 6'6. That bastid.

That sucks man. Yeah my dad always tell us if we ever get into a fight we better just be ready to fight, because he's not trying to break it up lol