Lily Pagle, new SBG BJJ black belt


This last weekend (Oct 23rd 2010) I had the privilege of awarding Lily Pagle her BJJ Black Belt.

Lily began training with me over a decade ago, at the age of 50. In that time I have watched her game skyrocket; her positional skills, timing, defense, submissions, and understanding of the science of BJJ is top notch. She has also shown herself to be a talented coach, with a solid understanding of how to break down and pass on the game; as well as all the drilling methods that SBGi is known for.

And finally, as a person Lily represents the best of what SBGi can be. Lily is my seventh black belt, and my first female student to achieve that level. At the age of 61 she stepped up in true SBGi tradition and iron-manned all the higher belts in the room. It was an inspiring display of an impressive, and highly technical game. It was an honor to be part of it.

Congrats to Lily!


Has she had that gi since the 60's?

I met her a little while back and I did not realize that she was 61! That makes getting the black belt even more awesome.


Inspiring, congrats Lily! Phone Post

Cool! Congratulations!!

Congrats Lily. Met her a few times but chatted a bit more with here a few weeks ago at the US Open. And like everyone else, blown away by the fact she's 61!

great accomplishment

fantastic acchievement!!!

But listen,

I love that whole iconoclastic think-outside-of-the-box no gods no masters thing you've got going on at SBGi...

But tie dye gi's?!

That's just wrong brohim.

 Congrats Lily!

Love the Gi!

I don't think that I am overstating the case to say that Lily is an inspiration to all of us. She's an awesome woman with very technical jiu-jitsu and one of the biggest hearts I know. After earning her judo black belt (in her 50s), she took up BJJ and now she's earned her black belt in this art.

Way to go, Lily. I'm proud of you and proud to be your friend. :)

Definitely gets my vote for most inspirational BJJ story this month! Congratulations Lily on your Black Belt, and Matt keep doing what you're doing, 'cause you do it WELL!


Amazing and inspirational! Huge congrats! Phone Post



She has to be the best gate-keeper of all time. No better way to demonstrate the effectiveness/value of a style and/or the level of your gym then to have a woman with that kind of maturity(I learned a long time ago not to call a woman old! lol) beating new people's asses on the regular. Awesome! ;o)

Huge Congrats Lily! Well done and well deserved!