Lima vs. MVP II official for October

Who ya got in the rematch between Douglas Lima and Michael Page?

Very interesting to see MVP take that fight now that Lima lost the title. He must really want that win back, that or Bellator said he is not getting the next title shot vs Amosov.

Either way I figure the winner gets the title shot vs Amosov.

I hope MVP wins, lets see 26-0 Amosov vs 20-1 MVP. Maybe Amosov defends before this fight but I doubt it.

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The end to the first fight was beautiful


Cant wait to see the UG call Lima a can when MVP knocks him out.


Lima exposed the fuck out of MVP. Just like everyone knew someone would eventually.


Any of my UK brethren going to get tickets for this? Im considering it, any ideas on ticket prices based on previous events?

Not the best card on the planet but an opportunity to sit next to someone who is shouting “Kick him in the face” is always appealing.

Yes yes yes. If MVP is the underdog I am going to go all in


MVP gets spanked unless they’re paying Lima off

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They’ve done it before. Ask Shlemenko

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Did you watch the fight? MVP was starting to kick his ass before that fluke knockout. Just like Weidman/Silva fight


I think Lima is the better fighter but my initial thought when reading the title is that MVP catches him in this one. Once I actually think about it that prediction may change.

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Who got tickets? Me and my pals got 6, travelling from the North for the night… should be a good one.

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Was there live for this fight! Sat right behind/met MVP’s crew/brother. Not what I expected as they were all very down to earth, respectful, true martial artists. Made me a fan! His arrogant persona is just a shtick he uses 2 sell fights. The girl who sat right below me talked to me for a while before the fight. She was super cool…looked her up she’s a former world champ kickboxer…Ruthie “ruthless” Nelson.

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^ His brother

Felice was so sexy in person!

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