Lindland at 170??

what do yall think? I think Hughes would be in a world of trouble...

how about GSP vs lindland
Diego vs Lindland??
Penn vs Lindland?
Diaz vs Lindland?
Koscheck vs Lindland?
Karo vs Lindland?

be some badass fights

The IFL returns this season with four new teams and coaches. Two of those new teams will make their debut this weekend in Portland, Oregon. The IFL World Team Championship begins it second season on Sept. 9 and will be headlined by a 185lbs. super fight between UFC veterans Matt "The Law" Lindland and Jeremy Horn. In addition to being the new head coach of the Portland Wolfpack, Lindland is busy in preparation for his anticipated fight with Horn. "The Law" recently took time out of his active schedule to speak with us on MMAWeekly Sound Off Radio.

The former UFC middleweight title contender is coming off of a split decision loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at WFA – King of the Streets in a fight considered controversial by many fans. Lindland said, "I felt pretty confident after the three rounds that I did enough to win the fight. In the first round, I was confident it could have been a 10-8 round. I thought I beat him in every aspect of the's hard to say what the judges were looking for that night." In regards to the WFA, Lindland stated, "I have a contract with them...but they're supposed to give me three fights by November so I think they're looking to extend my contract somehow."

Recently, Lindland has been fighting at light heavyweight and middleweight. When asked about the possibility of moving down to 170lbs., Lindland said, "If it was somebody like Matt Hughes and they were paying me great money, I'd cut to 170."

Jeremy Horn is a very talented fighter and was widely considered the number one middleweight in the world at one time. Lindland is aware of Horn's submission skills and commented on Horn saying, "...he's phenomenal on the ground and his submissions in fighting are the best."

In addition to training for his super fight, "The Law" is actively preparing his team to face off against Maurice Smith's Tigersharks. "Everybody is looking sharp and right now there's just a fantastic energy in the room. Everybody has been able to train according and it's in our hometown so we're all pretty excited about that."

Amid his strenuous schedule, Lindland still finds time to work with Team Quest. "After I kick Jeremy's ass, I got to go teach a seminar in the morning."

If you missed out on last night's show, check it out in the MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio Archives.

Lindland could potentially be the matchup that Sherk and Trigg werent. An even better wrestler and thats got the even more rounded MMA game to boot.

Still Hughes has BJ and still should rematch GSP first before Lindland is brought into the picture.

Anyhow, the MW div is far more in need of Lindland than the jam packed WW div. Lindland would give Franklin and Anderson hell.

Lindland definitely should have gotten a title shot but instead got the boot.

I agree with the statements about Lindland at 185, however I am just picturing him at 170 and that is a scary thought. That being said Id rather see him back in the UFC at 185.

Wrestled in the Olympics at 167 I believe. It would be very interesting to see him at 170.

This will never happen since Matt Lindland won't be fighting in the UFC anytime soon.

Lindland debuted in the UFc at 194...for a 205 fight. So I would guess 194 is his heaviest walking weight, making it pretty plausible he could cut to 170.

why the hell would Dana pay him great money to cut to 170? How much does Dana gain from that?

LINDLAND could never make 170 lbs. as his head is way bigger due to his Olympic Silver Medal and successful MMA career than when he last made that weight of 168 at the Olympics a number of years ago..