Lindland/Couture sportfight event

Will sportfight be available on dvd soon?


Lindland got down to business right away, scoring a booming body-clinch takedown of Showalter. From there it was a Lindland ground and pound display as he landed at will on the mat with knees to the body and elbow and punches to the head of Showalter. "The Show" was game but was clearly overmatched as "The Law" countered every submission attempt thrown his way.

As the second round got under way, Lindland scored another takedown and continued to pour it on overwhelming Showalter from the top position. With powerful elbows and accurate punches, Lindland picked apart his opponent, cutting him in the process. "The Law" then attempted to take Showalter's back but as he transitioned, he was forced to his back. Shockingly, Lindland sunk a triangle choke and eventually an armbar that left Showalter with no alternative other than tapping out, giving Lindland the win at 2:43 of the second round.

Is there dvd footage available?

not yet...they are going to release a 13 DVD episode event made for TV is what I understand.

RingGirl would know more.

Yep, Sherdog is correct. They are currently working on creating a television series out of the shows. They have a pilot episode right now and are working on securing a distributor, so there's no information yet as to when and where it will air. Matt's plan is to get it on network TV so people can watch MMA without having to pay for PPVs.