Lindland/Van Arsdale Undercard

Partial Undercard for Saturday night, April 29th at the IPayOne center in San Diego.
Main Event
Mike Van Arsdale (8-3) vs. Matt Lindland (17-3) at 205
   Mike Van Arsdale is a world champion wrestler and Olympic alternate... in the last year, he has fought UFC champion and legend Randy Couture and Brazilian star Ranato Babalu... Matt Lindland is an Olympic silver medalist in wrestling and one of the best fighters at 185 pounds... can he move up a weight division and outwrestle and outfight Van Arsdale?
Feature Bouts
Jeremy Coomer (2-1) vs. Charlie Kohler  (5-3-1) at 170
  Jeremy Coomer is 2-1 as a pro, but 3-3 as an amateur for a 5-4 overall record. He is a solid standup fighter out of Indiana. Kohler is 5-3-1, but is coming off a shoulder injury. Will Kohler be 100% back to form? Kohler is a local hero in San Diego but only has a 2-3 record in his last 5 bouts.
Alan Belcher (5-1) vs. Buck Meredith (3-1) at 185
  Alan Belcher is a solid fighter specializing in wrestling and striking. He is making a jump from the smaller shows to the big leagues. Buck Meredith trains under Dan Henderson and is a well-rounded fighter with great wrestling.  This is a toss-up bout.
Joe Camacho (12-8-2) vs. Roger Huerta (13-1-1) at 155 
   Joe Camacho has fought most of the toughest fighters in the U.S. Since dropping to 155 pounds, he has made a name for himself in Japan where he has fought in DEEP, getting a win and a draw. He wants a challenge in his home state. Roger Huerta has built an impressive record in small Midwest events and wants to step up to the bigger shows in Nevada and California. This bout will show if he is ready to take on the elite at 155.
Main Card
Justin McElfresh (2-1) vs. Brent Stevens (3-2) at 215
   Justin McElfresh is a great striker who needs help with his ground game... Brent Stevens is a striker who doesn't want to go to the ground. A solid pairing of good strikers with 5 of less fights.
Grant Whitmer (2-0) vs. Brandon Magna (2-0) at 170
   Two California guys from good camps... both are 2-0, both train with top teams.
JC Pennington (7-1) vs. Dave Hisqueirgo (5-3) at 145
  JC Pennington is leaving the small shows in Louisiana and trying to make a splash in California... he is a well-rounded fighter who has not been tested. Dave Hisqueirgo is one of the top guys at Charlie Kohler's school and has won 5-of-6 competing in the King of the Cage... another toss-up fight between two guys with 8 fights each.
Matt Buckley (0-0) vs. Manny Garcia (0-0) at 145
   Matt Buckley was 2-1 as an amateur before deciding to turn pro. He now trains with legend Dean Lister with many top pros. Manny Garcia trains with Jeff Clark and has a striking background... both making their pro debuts.
Adam Bass (4-0) vs. Sam Ortiz (2-0) at 155
   Adam Bass is a wrestler from Indiana who likes to throw punches. Sam Ortiz is a hard striker who trains with UFC vet Rich Clementi in Louisiana. Ortiz was 5-1 as an amateur before winning his first 2 pro bouts.

Charlie Kohler is tough! Glad to see him back in action.

T Jay, can you please email me about some free exposure for your event.


good main event but under card is lacking...will this be online ppv?

My $$ is on Pennington he is a bad mofo!


I know you won't let us come to Hawaii, but Cali is 1/2 way, how do I get someone on one of these shows?


what happen to Niko

Roger Huerta is a very exciting fighter. He brings it!

T jay
could you please email me at i have a heavyweight i would like to get on your card in may. he's 6-0 soon to be 7-0.
thanks josh neer

Josh: thank you for fucking up Joe Stevenson and showing people that lay n pray ain't the way.

ttt for a psycho warrior!

I haven't heard of Guerta before, but his fight record looks pretty damn impressive.


T Jay Thompson does it again!

TTT for team wolfpacks Coomer and Bass. dont blink on either of these guys they both are very unpredictable..............................MOOSE

Hey josh hows the knee?much respect for not tapping.
Frankie Bollinger

Huerta will smash Comacho

Pennington will get the win. Surely a dominant win which will leave people to think will he ever be tested.

this events worth it just to see huerta fight. guyzabadass.