Lismore SuperFights Muay Thai & KB

Lismore SuperFights - MT/KB

last night i went with Takashi to 'Superfights: Muay Thai & Kickboxing' event downtown. 11 fights, state titles on the line. I've never seen anything like it before (i'm pretty ignorant-- i do Judo & BJJ, and watch some MMA events).

it was cool when big attacks landed well, or good combos starting emerging. so yeah, respect to these guys for getting in the ring doing this shit. no way you'd catch me getting punched & kicked! there were a couple gyms that were hyper-traditional, their fighters were cool to watch, doing ceremonies & whatnot. groovy thai music playing doing the fight,
hypnotic sorta. plus several ura-nage's, that was most exciting part for me :-)

my sparse notes:

Ben Bad-Boy Collyer vs Deepha Munsami
: Deepha was hopelss; slow kicks, big slow looping overhead punches, covering up a lot. has he even trained before?

Matt Nosskie vs Luke Walker
: Luke comes out bouncing aroudn like Rocky, huge chest with narrow waiste, very fit. Matt from K6-Club (Noosa) comes out in very tradional thai garb. very calm, doesn't look that big. walks around the ring doing this traditional ceremoney that was cool. stomping on the ground in opponents corner. when the fights started, he was great! methodically took apart luke

Jess James Webster vs Ross Lewis (?)
missed this one

Tom Kovas vs Dartley -draw
:tom picked up speed in round 4

Anthony Smith vs Dan Williams
: huge height mis-match. Anthony was almost 2 heads bigger, and kept backing away the whole fight but in a good way, picking shots that he landed over and over. Dan had to lunge in to make attempts to land blows, but was unsuccessful

Ash Pentegast vs Christian Lane
--Ash another from K6, lean strong focussed and traditional. Christian -- damn, he is such a boy! what is he doing in there? giving up 5kg, and still looks soft like a kid. poor little bugger -- got kicked in the legs so hard it swept him off his feet. He kept trying, but was completely outclassed, and eventually they threw in the towel at the end.

Shawn 'fists of shtone' fergus vs Adrin Mohammadzadeh -:draw : unsatisfying, a cut on Shawn's head stopped it

Tom Thatcher vs Gerard Neave
:Tom from K6 again, high clean slapping headkicks, and a cool throwdown!

Sam Jones vs Matt 'Chopper' Stacey
:Sam was always pushing the fight, keeping Matt backing up. you could see the dominance. and he really came on strong in last round. Matt did earn some points for almost kicking Sam's pants off -- they developed a big split up the seam :-)

Todd Gail vs Derrek Lowe - draw
didn't see much of this

Gerard 'Turbo' Jeffery vs Chris Petrie
: Chris Petrie (k6) apparently took this fight on 3 days notice, so props to him on that. he looked smaller though, and his attacks rarely seemed to hurt or move Gerard. In contrast, he kept getting
slammed around. But he kept his composure the whole time, and did pull off two cool suplexes! Gerard was way more powerful, great clinches and knees to head, fast & strong.

final notes: the 'K6 Muay Thai and Boxing Gym' boys from Noosa were the coolest. Won almost all their fights. they looked like very much like brothers, but all different names -- curly black hair, kept a very cool & focussed composure, methodically kicking ass