List of Grievances/Good Riddance 2010

 Thank God, 2010 is done. I thought that it would be a good time to vent some of the frustations that I have with the year 2010.

First off, let me start by saying fuck you 2010. Fuck you up your stupid ass.

For me, this was one of the worst years I have ever had. 2009 was no treat either, but 2010 takes the prize for the worst year ever.

Now, it wasn’t all bad. I had some sprinkles of good shit happen. I got married, I visited my family, I moved into a new apartment with my awesome wife. Moemar doesn’t have to tell me to take out the trash anymore or clean up kitty poo, cuz now I have a wife (she takes care of that stuff so I don’t have to). These were all great. Plus, we had some awesome WEC shows followed by the announcement that WEC is now the UFC. As a bantamweight with aspirations of making it to the big leagues, this news made me very happy.

My hometown gained a new Jiu Jitsu program and my work schedule changed just in time to allow me to join them. These are all my old buddies that I hadnt been able to train with since I left the previous club (stupid 2009) so it was awesome to get back to work with them. No jiu jitsu for a year and a half really sucked. However, as a result of having no jiu jitsu, my striking improved greatly, thanks to my team at Siam Muay Thai (most notably Jared Feuring, my main training partner) and the tutleage of Craig Moser.

Regina had a new mma promotion emerge and put on 2 fantastic shows. Both ammy unfortunately,
But these are just a few of the happenings of 2010. There are far more shitty things that have happened to me and in just in general.

First off, 1 fight in an entire year!!!??? WTF!!?? This is fucking bullshit! If that’s not bad enough, keep in mind the reason I only had one fight…I SPENT OVER NINE MONTHS ON THE INJURED ROSTER!!!!!! This is fucking boolsheet! Tore a tendon in Dec 2009 and wasn’t able to do shit until April/May 2010. Then, I injured my shoulder training for the June fight(not bad enough to affect the fight or my performance) but bad enough that after the fight I need to give it some time to heal up. My shoulder starts to feel good enough that I can train and I pull my groin in August. BAD!! I cant do shit until November and even then I have to be very careful. Early December things are starting to get better, but with the holidays coming up, the gym (and myself) feel very unmotivated to train so I hardly train at all in December. So far, in 2011, I have trained every day. Dirty Bit!

Second, CFC fucks up the Canadian Bantamweight rankings. Fucks them up really bad. Fuck you, CFC!

Third, Im sorry CFC. I didn’t mean that. I fucking hate having to apologize.

Fourth, Joe Doerksen lost. WTF?

Fifth, I met TJ Grant. The only thing creepier than meeting TJ, is waking up next to Dirte. *shudders*

Sixth, the Canadian UG starts to really suck balls. I mean, really suck balls. I find myself going for hours and in some cases days without even looking at it. In its hayday, I refreshed my page every 15 minutes. There was Spamgate and Bitchgate about the Spamgate. People bitching about ghey banter and then bitching that the forum sucks without the ghey banter.

Seventh, Robin Black. End Thread.

 Sure 2010 had some shitty stuff but the good stuff outweighed it imo.

 Dougie, youre wrong. 2010 sucked. And stop trying to ruin my 2011!!

2011 will be year of the Tink. Robin Black will share his age defying secrets with us. We will all be dissapointed to learn that his youthfullness comes from eating worms and bathing in public fountains. Canario will become the snow king of London. Joe Doerksen will stop taking it easy on guys he fights in the UFC. Dougie will be arrested for building his Canadian narco submarines. Greener will stop wearing his slinglet to gi practice. Brigham will make an angry face. Jkennedy will fight at heavywieght in the MFC. Bravo13 will endorse just for mens eyebrow line. Feel free to add your own predictions.

Big Rig Phone Post

  1. I will never stop wearing the singlet, as I get older I feel I must hang on to past glory.
    2. 2010 I got lazier then I have ever been in my life, and my pants shrunk. The wife needs to learn how to wash laundry.
    3. I learned to never joke about RCMP officers when Dougie is in a thread, he can be quit nippy when one does so.
    4. New club opened, looking forward to training more in 2011
    5. Big Rig will be on Hoarders in the near future
    6. Sean Quinn should stop whinning like a baby, get over it and move forward. I learned that from many past failed relationships.
    7. Sean is right this site have been pretty lame in the last year without any BAMMS! Or any other funny Mark P quotes that all you silly bastards regularly repeated.

Sean Quinn -  Dougie, youre wrong. 2010 sucked. And stop trying to ruin my 2011!!

 Oh it is sooo on...

moemar -  Dougie will be arrested for building his Canadian narco submarines.  

These things are collectibles!

2010; the year sean quinns insults stopped hurting my feelings

you too greener
blank stares as if im some sort of martian

2011: the year dougie sells his mats?

John Nic - 2011: the year dougie sells his mats?
I sold them last year!;current=P8160627.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"

2011 needs more drama!

 The end of 2010 was absolutely the worst  :(

Hopefully 2011 gets off to a better start.

2011 was off to a good start, then i found out i will most likely NOT be going to the Ramon Dekkers seminar in Calgary. This has made me very angry, I feel like punching the shit out of someone right now.

BTW, TJ Grant ladies and gentlemen. shudders

Sean Quinn - 2011 was off to a good start, then i found out i will most likely NOT be going to the Ramon Dekkers seminar in Calgary. This has made me very angry, I feel like punching the shit out of someone right now.

BTW, TJ Grant ladies and gentlemen. <i>shudders</i>

you didn't punch enough people last night?

lmfao you could so photoshop TJ into any photo's now with that creep stare

jkennedy - 

Good lord, I thought Quinn was only ugly in person...

 Dont hate, just continue to that pic. Sicko.

Sean Quinn - 
jkennedy - <p>Good lord, I thought Quinn was only ugly in person...</p>

 Heyyyyyyy, I continuously masterbate to that pic. Mmmmmmm.


2011 is the year of the romo

 2011 is the year of the Canadian bantamweights. I would like to see a LOT of bantamweight fights televised in Canada. The 135lb weightclass is no joke in Canada or anywhere else in the world for that matter and i would like to see us get more exposure.

So far 2011 has: Ruined my elbow, ruined my neck, made me sleepy, given me a deer roast, made me enjoy the techno viking again, made me miss the Dekkers seminar, given me a few awesome training sessions, given me one shitty training session, helped me perfect my sanchai kick, given me a black eye, made me irritate my wife, organize my closet, throw out some clothes, bathe my cat(as a punishment for being a lil fucker), force me to save money to fix my stupid car, miss my mommy and daddy, see my brother...once : (, drink too little coffee, eat too much chocolate, rewatch UFC1,7, rewatch Pride 1-34, discover "Get Him To The Greek", watch less t.v and appreciate my friends.

2011 has not gotten me a fight yet. Motherfucker.