Listening to Ruthless and Tyron in studio....

On my local morning show.

Tyron said, in reference to Robbie's nickname, that everyone in the division is ruthless. Robbie says, nope, I'm the only ruthless one.

The host is noticeably nervous because of the tension. Lmao. Phone Post 3.0

Lol that's awesome. Any vid? Phone Post 3.0

Rory Mac is pretty ruthless Phone Post 3.0

Beer and Hotdogs - Lol that's awesome. Any vid? Phone Post 3.0
Not yet. I'll keep and eye on their site and fb and see if they post it. Phone Post 3.0

Robbie Lawler is cut from the same cloth as Dan Henderson. They try to kill you with every punch they throw.

I think Robbie is going to spark Woodley clean the fuck out. I've grown to like Tyron,he's pretty good behind the desk. I just don't think he's the caliber of fighter Robbie Lawler is. Phone Post 3.0

Now they're on the local sports station. Laugh out loud! Phone Post 3.0