Lister in K1 dynamite!

ive heard he was gonna be on the new years eve card.


last i heard he was fighting a Japanese..i dont know who of yet.

correct me if im wrong,but lister has a contract with pride still,iirc.

Is Dean's contract in limbo like Brennan's? I heard a certain team had something to do with Dean not fighting in Pride anymore.


which team?

I won't say but I am sure you can figure it out.

I thought he was going to be on TUF 3.


like I said it was pretty obvious

Not so much as even a simple christmas design on ufc's website.


why did BTT have anything to do with lister not fighting for pride

why wouldnt they want him in Pride?

It may have something to do with Lister's response/challenge to Filho. Filho was talking shit about Lister. Dean then issued the most hilarious challenge ever, the highlight of which was:

"So he thinks I look away from him when he looks into my eyes (actually I usually don't look down so never noticed him looking up at me), what the hell? "