Lister vs Flynn 1: What event?

I was reading an interview with Dean Lister in Grappling about his career, and they spoke of his two fights with Jason Flynn. They said their first fight was in KOTC Wet and Wild.
I have both the tape and DVD and it isn't on there.
ANy idea what event it is?

Probably KOTC. He was on a non televised fight I'd guess.

I KNOW it was a KOTC card..just which one so I don't have to watch them all. :)

KOTC 7 probably. not all the fights from the early KOTC's that happened at the event are on the DVD/VHS releases.

what was the name of the KOTC seven?

Wet and Wild.

Although i thought they fought on like KOTC 4 or 5,could be wrong though.

KOTC, and Flynn won the first time.


where is Flynn now??

where is Flynn now??

Ok, I'll say this again :)

I KNOW they fought twice in KOTC. I have all the KOTC events.
I was wondering which NUMBER of KOTC they fought in first.
If it indeed WAS Wet and wild, then it really SUCKS that they didn't release that fight on the DVD or tape.
The second fight was of the better fights of that year.

It was wet n wild, but they didnt put it on there. It looked horrible cause both guys were slipping everywhere and just holding position, then gave a "coin toss" dec to Flynn

Jason Flynn and Floyd Sword are both great to watch. I expected them to go to the next level.

Just check sherdog's fight finder.

They fought first at KOTC 7: Wet and Wild. February 2001. I was there. It was the infamous rain show. It was only Dean's second fight, and personally, I thought he won it. Jason Flynn had a much better showing in their second fight when he tapped to a SICK Kimura.