Listing of College Judo clubs?

Is there anywhere online where I could find an extensive listing of College Judo Clubs? Or the website of the NCJA (National Collegiate Judo Association)?

I have not been able to find either, but I really need both. If anyone can oblige, please do so.

Man, no one knows?

Not sure. Check the links page on the Judo Information Site.

I don't think the NCJA has a website anymore. It used to be hosted out of Idaho State University,and ws on the ISU Judo Club website.

We redid the ISU Judo website, and I am pretty sure we deleted the NCJA site. Not that it had much on it, or a list of all NCJA member clubs.

I suggest your e-mail Sami Tadehara, the current President of the NCJA.

Also, note that most college Judo clubs probably are NOT members of the NCJA. would be a good place to start, as their state by state list may have some colleges/universities listed.

Collegiate Judo is in a sad state in the USA for sure.

Off the top of my head, here is a short list.

Slippery Rock State
San Jose State University
Cumberland College
Idaho State University
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Tulane University
Northern Arizona State University
Boise State University
University of Idaho (in Moscow-Meridith Bregman)
Miami-Dade Junior College
University of Texas at Austin
US Military Academy (Anapolis)
US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs)
University of Colorado at Boulder
Texas A&M
Auburn U. (I old buddy Ruggero Galici)
David Matsumoto's club in the Bay Area
Hayward Nishioka's club (Cali)
I think Cal State Poly?

The East Coast Collegiate Judo Association has a web site, I think.

Maybe others can add to the list.

Ben R.

The Ohio State University

Cornell University has a judo club.

Hayward Nishioka's in cali is at Los Anegeles City college, Steve Seck also teaches the night class. San Francisco City college is also supposed to have a great judo program.

Texas A & M,
Univerity of Oklahoma did have a club (not sure anymore), although Pat Burris' club is nearby,
Southern Methodist University - Dallas, TX,
New Mexico State University,

thats all I can think of around my area.

it would help if we knew exactly what you are looking for in a college club.. someplace to just have fun and learn judo or someplace where you can try and make the olympic team...? anything inbetween?

there are lots of programs, however, they are not all on the same level.

Georgetown Judo Club, Washington DC

Thanks for the replies thus far.

Josh, I am looking for any type of Judo club that is alive and running on any college campus, although I would like to know which ones are among the tougher ones and which ones are more laid back and don't have many people competing as well.

then most of the clubs should be able to fills your needs. it is a good idea to contact each club and even visit each in turn before you make a final decision though..

happy hunting.

Fresno State has a program.

Duke has a club, or at least did for the past few years. Not sure what's going on now.

Stanford has one too. They let us practice with them when we were on the west coast for a tourney.

Go Devils

SUNY @ Brockport NY has a club.

University of Oklahoma in Norman allowed PE credits for taking the judo class there. It was a beginning class with not much high level training. I took it every semester I was there anyway and would always find 3-4 tough guys each sememster to train with.

If you have a car, you can then train off campus at the Sooner Judo Club in North Norman in the evenings as well as USA Stars with Pat Burris (96 Olympic Coach) 30 minutes north in Moore. In short, it's very easy to train 6 days a week and 2x day on T/Th in Oklahoma. Easy schedule wise that is...

Of course if you come to Drake in Des Moines, you can train at my place.

USA Stars has workouts 2 x per day M-F, pretty much anytime you can workout there. Coach Burris is always available for the athletes who train there. Actually, its only about a 10 minute drive (if that) from the OU Campus.

His club also has a good weight room and a bada** strength and conditioning coach, Steve Miller who has coached 2 Olympians in Weight Lifting.

Denver University (D.U) has a Judo club.

South East Missouri State. Go Red Hawks!

Penn State and Pitt have judo clubs. I don't know if Slippery Rocks is still active though.