Live MMA from Costa Rica

If anyone watched the live event last night on could you please let me know how the internet feed was from the states. And what your thoughts on the show are.


Most people only complained about the Sound...did anyones screen freze or stick?

If you missed this show our next one will be May 20th.

It never came on for me. I tried to watch it.

Do you have Media player or Quick time player. did you get an error message?

I stayed up until 10:30 central trying to watch it and it would not come on.

The show was great!!!!

no problem with the feed... only problems were with the Ref and promoter...

my friends and family got to watch me get kicked in the head repeaditly (illegally) in all its glory first while I was on my back and then when I was on my knees along with no warnings or disqualification to my opponent...

Here's to a No Contest ruling!!! Great Job!!


was ODESSA there?

Whats happening in COSTA RICA. Someoene in my family just purchased a house in ESCUZEL I believe, just outside of SAN JOSE.. Is it nice down there guys, Ill be visiting this summer

Isn't there some sort of tourney there this weekend?

I use to live in Costa Rica. And it is Escazu BTW. But it is beautiful down there. But I would stay away from downtown and go to the coast. When did this MMA event happen? When are they going to have another one? I would love to have my fighters in this.

There will be another show on May 20th.  I think Jason Guida is the head liner for it.

This guys are great and put a good event!

my fighters are ready, only a 4 hour flight from Arizona.

who fought there???? i want a piece.

Is that the event that the Millennia Fight Team went to and kicked ass?

Are you Talking about Titans of the Pentagon?
in le grecia Costa Rica

I would love to get my fighters down to Costa Rica. My family still has a hotel resort down there. Great place. The trip would definately be worth it.

Rumor is, one of the fighters from florida scored a body shot KO at 20 seconds in the first round.

Eric Morel from American Top Team won in 24 seconds in a Muay Thai match.  It was a knee.

The guys in Costa are great people to work with.