Live Steam of Alistair Overeem NSAC meeting

courtesy of layzie the savage

 Says off air....

Sweet that someone is ustreaming it though!

 it's off air for some reason now. all i heard was kizer talking about steroid testing, saying they tested pacquiao out of country

Anarkis - Could you summarize what is happening?

the quality is poor with some random buzzing, and the stream just went down




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 stream is back up

 just realized i spelt stream wrong lol

can anyone give a summary of what is going on?


a matter where mr kizer on 17th issued an order
requesting out of competition testing for drugs and steriods
for lesnar and overeem,utduring that time a set of circumstances occurred which frustrated their efforts

brock did his test fine, a few days later
he didnt hear anything from the overeem camp

found out he'd moved to Holland with his mother
he'd moved on the 17th wanted to find another lab in Holland
where they could do it overeem set a date, he did the test,
however it was the wrong test, it was a blood test. the test
came back normal - indicated there were no steroids, even though
they undertook the wrong type of test (blood instead of piss)

they're working out when he left, whether he left after he was
notified of having to take the test

Overeem took the urine test on the 7th
They don't understand why there was such a delay between taking
the urine test (5 days plus)

overeem is on the phone

Overeem swears in

They want to understand why he took so long to take the urine test
OVereem apologizes for the delay, explains:
- his mother's situation
- his first fight
- the procedures of the testing in Holland differ significantly from the ones in the states
he took the test straight away
went to the doctor, got the test
waited 10 days, got the results and submitted them
after a couple days he was notified that it was not sufficient
went to the doctor straight away, got the other test
(dec 7th) by his doctor

Reem's story is sounding fishy to me.

he found out a couple days before he left his mother wasn't during well
did the countdown show first, before going to Holland from Los Vegas to Holland
he recieved the notice of the random testing from assistant in Holland
He says he didn't recieve any notice of the need for the test before he got on the plane
How it's done in Holland, if you need to take a test, you see your doctor to do it. He did, but he wasn't sure which test
He says his assistant did not say which type of test should be taken. SO he went to the doctor, got a referral, where he went to a facility to do the test. He took a blood sample. So he thought he did his part, waited for the test results, went to collect the test results, sent them to his assistant, who sent the results to mr. Kizer. Overeem thought it was good, thought he was done, but he then recieved notice that the test was insufficient and that he'd have to re-do a test.

 this is fascinating 

^ no mate. In actual fact a blood test isvery easy to pass. For example: dianabol has a half life of 8 hours( ish ), so therefore after you have taken it it clears your blood in less than a day. The metabolites are still detectable in the urine for around 3-4 weeks. The numbers I've used above may not be 100% accurate but you get the idea. Obviously if you use long estered steroids it can be detectable in the urine for months and months and months Phone Post

Subbed thanks for the breakdown Phone Post

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He's answering well though Phone Post

This is going to end with Mir/Lesnar 3 being the new main event.

They want to determine whether he took any efforts to avoid the testing. He says he didn't, and did everything they requested from them to his assistant and back.

Commission wants to know why he didn't communicate with the UFC? WHen did he buy the ticket back to Holland? He says he bought it on the 15th, and left of the 17th.

He's been ighting most of his life in Japan, this is a different type of procedure for him..
NOOOO what phones about to die???