lkfmdc, more???

Thanks for the help on the other thread Dave

These aren't all really questions , just a few observations. I would apreciate your opinion on them.
Sorry if you read them in the other thread and had no coment. Mostly I'm interested on the last few things I metion that I found weird about his teaching.

I trained with him last week as a sample class kind of deal. There where some things I liked and some I found weird.


A)He definetly seems experience, metioned something like 25 years in San Shou (he should be in his early 40's and in amazing shape).

B)His style seems very simple and eficient, not much fluf at all. He leaves that for his wu shu clas which I watched and he defiently seems to be proficient at that two.

C)He expects a high level of fitness from everybody that trains with him for any length of time, no slackers.


A)At least during the class that I atended all the drills where done individualy , lots of shadow boxing type drills. Althoug he did demonstrate some conceps with one of the other students using pads.

B)The gym itself is kinda meager, only two bags, one hanging, one freestanding, not much in the way of pads, and the Lei Tai (SP) is half an inch of ruber mats on top of a suspended hardwood floor (old aerobis room in the back of a gym.

C) He doesnt have many fighters there yet, he's been in the island for less than six moths. Most of his students are very enthusiastic Wu Shu guys (who moved from another school) who want to prove that they can fight. But to be fair, some of them can really move, havent seen them spar yet thoug.

Just weird

A) He really loves the overhand right??? Almost as a complete substitute for the right cross it seems.

B)He maid huge enphasis on the last second "twist of the fist"

C) The double leg he is teaching his guys has very little level change , at least in the way of bending the knees. Its more like throw a punch combo, bend at the waist, tackle and pull the knees toward you. Even less knee bend like the tradional Morote Gary form judo.

What do you think??
thanks for the help