LMAO @ Randleman

"his post-fight urinalysis did not contain any human hormones."

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! This is funny on so many levels.

Thus the nickname The Monster

Its ironic that someone can live through a near fatal car crash, nearly die from a humungous tumor in his lung...and then get caught for having nonhuman piss.

They should give him a pass just for being so stupid.

wow, swapping urine samples, was he taking steroids?


brought to you by KKM

I have long wondered if Kevin Randleman is in some way mentally handicapped. I don't mean to disrespect the guy--he's a terrific athlete who, if he ever lived up to his potential, could rule the MMA world--but he's never really seemed to have his act completely together. He embarasses himself every time he opens his mouth and he seems to take a perverse pride in being the same fighter he's been for ten years.

Randleman just might be broken.