LMFAO @ Couture!!!!

to Chris......."I think you won that round"

I couldn't believe that either.


Fuck, seems like the only winner on team Couture is Couture himself.

I'll never get over how so many have such warped ideas of Pride's judging that they think whoever accomplished the least always gets the win.

yeah, because koscheck 'won', what did he do to get anywhere near finishing? lol.

The first round should have been a draw (maybe it was). Koshcheck did NOTHNIG!

Truth be told, Leben did more damage from the bottom in that first round then Koscheck did. And he didnt do much.

It is the job of a coach to incourage his fighter with positive reinforcement you moron

larry is correct

What did Josh do to win? Let's see, big knee to the head, two slams, two other takedowns, total control on the ground, and some admittedly half-assed GnP.

What did Leben do to win? Threw some punches at thin air? Laid on his back? Oh yeah, he spent about a quarter of a second acting like he was going for two submissions.

Koshchek has a lot of talent, no doubt, but his talent was just enough to hold Leben on the ground and no more. Any other outcome would have been a KO by Leben.