Loafing Around

Not exactly sure why I feel obligated to announce this but today I was layed off from my job of ten years. I can't lie it feels pretty nice. Just wanted to let everyone know that if I am on the UG over the next couple of days talking pure shit it is because I am on a Hunter S. Thompson kick so don't take it personally! Loaf luvs freedom! Loaf hates mortgage! Anyone hiring in Durham region?!

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" . . . I am on a Hunter S. Thompson kick . . . "

invites Loaf over to inhale Freon before setting off on a road trip :)

You are in a grand position my friend.

ahhh.. the Hunter S. Thompson kick... well said:)

Anyone ever see Hunter S. Thompson on the Conan O'Brian show? Priceless. He needed a helper to show him to the couch, and he somehow got himself lost behind it and had to push apart the couch from Conan's desk in order to sit down. He spoke into his coffee cup the entire time:)

Sorry to here about the job situation loaf, the next massive haul I take will be in your honor. And in 3..2..1... cough... "woh... good shit!"