Local boy 2nd in Shidokan Worlds!!

Dave Hulett, Samuel Puccio BJJ purple belt (B'ham), got second place in the Shidokan World Welterweight Tournament last night! 2 rounds bare knuckle karate, 2 rounds Thai boxing, 2 rounds MMA per fight and he had 3 fights. In his second fight, he KO'd German Top Team MT/MMA fighter Peter Angerer. He lost the final to multiple world champion Richard Trammell of Atlanta, who had been helping train Dave for about a month before the fights (he was called up as an alternate). Great job Dave!!

Good Job David!

Skip H

TTT for David Hulett. Great job, dude!!!

How's it going, Hiza Geri?? The reason that you haven't seen me is that I moved to Nashville. How's law school treating you?

I'm finally done with school. I take the bar in July. Hey man, I'll be in Nashville in Jan. for a few days. Drop me a line with your contact info. I was thinking about going to Nashville MMA to do a little training, unless you have a better idea. zanshinkai@bellsouth.net

Merry Christmas!!