Location of UFC 47?

Did anybody here anything on where the next UFC will be?

Vegas, April 2, Mandalay Bay.

The scheduled main event is tito vs. chuck, along with sylvia vs arlovski and nick diaz vs lawler.

I hear it's gonna be in the maritimes somewhere.

Apparently, Dana White is gonna try to tap into the Newfie market.

Here's a list of some contractual incentives to attract *BIG NAME* fighters:

1. Profit sharing from 50/50 tickets;

2. All you can eat bolony and mustard sandwiches; (soon to be known as the Dana buffet)

3. A years worth of pogey stamps;

4. Free round trip tickets to JHR's annual couch Fu championships. Including ring-side seats during the "Chicken Wing" Cook-off Finals with such notable celebrities in attendance as: JHR, Mark Colangelo, and Showdown Joe, to name a few;

5. Invitation to the "All you can Beat Buffet". Interesting inclusion, as fighters will be given the chance to pound the shit out of all the local loud mouthed drunks at the after party, who booed them during their bouts. :-)

Sorry for hijackinig your thread Scott. I'm burning the midnight oil this fine pm and am seriously bored. lol...



I have heard that UFC48 is going to be held either at AC or Mohegan Sun.