Lodune played himself

disclaimer: this might be the most nit-pickiest, overly analyzed TUF threads eva

i think lodine really believed southworth couldnt make weight and didnt really accept he would have to fight him till it was too late. after bobby picked him he looked like someone just walked over his grave and when they saw each other at the house lodune gave him a wide-eyed, friendly "great job brother" while southworth blew him off and ordered everyone to stay away from his papaya. while southworth was cutting like a mf'er (that was GREAT tv) sincade was flexing in a towel, packing his bags and thinking about how he doesnt want to leave.

he had many disadvantages in that fight but his mental approach before the fight might have sealed the deal for him... does anyone get what im saying?

this isnt a hating lodune thread, im just into the psychic war that gos along with the acton in the cage

pre-emptory thread title joke:

"what he does in his own time is his business"

I think you have a point about the mental edge. I give Bobby credit he looked like he was going to just give up until Chuck put him on lockdown but damn the dude dropped 20+lbs and came through. That's mental toughness that I think Lodune wasn't showing.

kungfu- maybe, but thats not the point, there were several indicators that southworth was mentally owning lodune since he called him out for backing leben.

charm: totally... while lodunes posing like a fighter bobby was paying the price and acting like a fighter. and if you really want to get down to it lodune was the one who failed to make weight... the 185lb weight.

hodges i totally agree, thats why lodunes mental game should have been better

one more nit-picky point:

maybe if randy insisted on southworth making weight and not even asking lodune and letting lodune say to himself and everyone else "ill fight him anyway, i dont care but its randy thats calling the shots" and keeping his mental edge