Logan Paul says his knees are bad for MMA

This whole “he’s not a fighter” thing is such a joke.

He stepped up and fought. What else are the requirements, is it because he wasn’t raised poor?

And you could not count him out in the UFC either. He’s young enough, has wrestling, striking, a chin … This is not soccer, this is MMA. The talent pool is nowhere near what egg and co. want you to believe

I coulda sworn you got swindled.

I dont get these dumbaases. He boxed Floyd Mayweather for 8 rounds, ate punches, never quit, but hes not a fighter. What exactly do you need to do to earn their respect lol?

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Paul is making more than most pro fighters. He should be like Mayweather and continue to fight winnable fights and getting paid as much as possible.

I hope someone gives him brain damage though

The Paul brothers could beat probably a little more than half of UFC fighters in the cage.

I wanna see Diaz bros vs. Paul bros in the ring first. On the same card.

If either of them win, that’ll setup a superfight with Usman and/or Adesanya in the cage.


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Lol, 4round floyd wobbled from punch to back of head xD

He got in the ring and fought. He’s a fighter. The UFC allowed CM Punk in who had zero skills and zero athleticism, egg has no room to shit on Paul who is athletic, was a pretty good wrestler, and has some boxing skills.

wow ur mma knowledge is worse than your politics and not suprised

He has 2 bad knees