Loiseau given title shot in spring

March or April 2006.

Loiseau vs Franklin

great, Loiseau deserves it. Franklin is a great fighter, and Loiseau is going to have a big challenge, but this is the type of fight where he doesn't have to necessarily win to come out a winner. Hopefully this fight stays standing, and hopefully Loiseau gets into his groove where everthing flows. These two can potentially put on a great show for the fans with their striking ability. No one in the UFC's 185 can give Franklin a better fight standing then Loiseau can, can't wait for it.

Rich is gonna cut cut up. Any 185er in the UFC should be scared to face the Crow at this point. It's easy to see that when you get in the cage with Dave, you not only run the chance of losing, you also risk getting f***ed up big time.

Fear the Crow!

He is the man who can do it for sure.
Also what a gentleman we are proud of you David the monster lol.