lol at frankie being an underdog

He is the LW champ, just fought Bendo to two highly contested decisions, and Aldo is the favorite? Frankie should be able to finish him, and take his strap.

Aldo has more wins and finishes as champ

0/10 Phone Post

Aldo beats that stupid accent out of Frankie's face Phone Post

 Aldo should definitely be favorite, but wouldn't be surprised in the least if Frankie takes it to him

I think Aldo should be the favorite.

We've never seen Frankie at 145. His biggest strength imo is his quickness and at 145 the advantage is negated a bit. With that said I think he'll be Aldo's best fight to date in the UFC and can win.

Aldo better rounded and less running. Phone Post

That's pretty accurate. It is only -155. Hardly disrespectful. Phone Post