LOL at Mino Interview......

Minotauro: It was difficult. The guy had a better first round. He punched and kicked a little better and avoided the ground game at all costs. He had a better notion of distance and a better strategy this time around. In the first round I got taken down four times and got hit with three good rights, but I ended the round in mount. The fight was more even in the second round. I took the center of the ring and he had two good moments. In the third round I dominated. I was more explosive and he gassed out somewhat. He slowed down and handled it well.

Tatame: So do you think the unanimous decision was justified...

Minotauro: I think a more justified decision would've been 2-1 to Fedor. He came in very good and imposed his game in the first round. But that's normal for me because I usually start to find my game after 5-8 minutes. So much so, that I usually finish off my opponents in the beginning of the second round, like I did to Heath Herring...


The guy was dominated and destroyed, and he thinks he dominated a round of the fight??? EGO

Minotauro: Of course I do. The guy is at the top, and I believe that there isn't anyone who is actually capable of beating him except for me. I say this because to get to him, they will have to pass through me first.

If I am able to take him down and get on top, he won't stand a chance. I feel that he is weak in the ground game. The fight is much easier for me on the ground. The difference is that I enter a fight looking to finish, and he enters looking to win on points. But he left the Saitama Super Arena much more damaged then I did.

Open Guard, are you trolling or nut hugging?

"Its a new strategy called, "if you cannot finish the BJJ fighter then win on attrition"."

It was more effective than Mino's new strategy called "hold on for dear life and hope this guy doesnt beat me to death because I simply dont have the skills to hurt this monster."

So, therefore Thurgood, the answer you were looking for from open guard is "nuthugging". LOL

Fedor owned Mino every single round...

Wow... the denial there is ridiculous. Mino was owned.

If BJJ is the "measuring stick", why is it that only one of the primary champions right now is a BJJ guy, Frank Mir.

Pride - Silva(LHW), Fedor(HW)

UFC - Hughes(WW), Couture(LWH),

Not to say the BJJ fighters are sub-par, but your measuring stick is broken.

Mino is lucky he diddnt get hurt.







In the third round I dominated. I was more explosive and he gassed out somewhat.

Funniest thing I've ever heard.

"fedor came closer to finishing nog in both their 1st and 3rd fights and nog came nowhere close to finishing fedor."

  • All this focus on Fedor not be able to finish Mino is saying something about Mino but at the same time, aint it saying something about Fedor that Mino was never even close to hurting or finishing him in 2 whole fights?

Bias rules!

it is a sport. Fedor fought according to the rules, and won in decisive fashion.

"Its a new strategy called, "if you cannot finish the BJJ fighter then win on attrition". What did that so called victory prove? Nothing. "

Uhhh... You make it seem like Fedor couldnt finish Mino off, but Mino was beating him senseless. What does that say about Mino? He did even less damage to Fedor than Fedor did to him.

Not to mention that Mino thought the fight should have ended in a 2-1 decision for Fedor. So honnestly, you must be trolling.

Which one would you pick on a deserted island? Me, Mino. This could happen.

I think Open Guard's ranky ass mouth has been closed and laughed off his fantasy horse on this one.

Funny how took that "he left Saitama Arena..." quote off their site.