lol, not to complain...

but THAT stoppage was late. i know its a fine line, but Gannon took like 5 shots too many. the ref should have stepped in when Gannon turned away and closed his eyes and just covered up

It should have been paused to check the cut. He turned away and his eyes were closed because blood was pouring out of cuts into his eyes.

Reffing in any sport is a thankless job IMO.

yeah its thankless and i know that whatever they do someone is gonna bitch at them, but that was just more than Gannon should have taken

i'm not one of those guys who calls for a ref's head every time he messes up either. Herb Dean is a good ref, but he messed up this time

yeah buakaw, you're probably right

Did Gannon slap the mat to tap right there at the end? It looked like it from one camera angle.

what do you punks think of kimbo now? sean was in an NHB fight and lost, he didnt seem to handle the ground game well. but he would have killed kimbo in NHB. now sean gets defeated in NHb via g 'n' p. kimbo couldnt even begin to stand up to these guys. not a chance.

that said, i hope sean is ok. i hope he has a job come monday.

gannon did not tap

Kimbo would have done better than Gannon or Buentello.

i think Herb let it go a little long but the earlier fight he reffed.he was damn near pushing the guy off to stop the fight and realized he was fine.he was milliseconds away from a quick stop and the fight continued no problems.i just think he did want to make sure it was done when he stopped this one

"Kimbo would have done better than Gannon or Buentello"

i'm sure if they fought 100 more times, Buenetello would do better than he did tonight against Arlovski.

Oh, I thought this thread was about the Arlovski-Beuntello fight.


"i'm sure if they fought 100 more times, Buenetello would do better than he did tonight against Arlovski."

Jason Hornbuckle is correct. After one hundred tries at Arlovski, I agree that Buentello could do better than he did tonight.

lol, i meant every time he'd do better, as in, tonight was the worst case scenario for Paul. it would never go down that quick again, i dont' think

"...The Ref probably saw his face get mashed up by
Kimbo and figured he could take alot..."

Exactly what I was thinking.

"Hinkle got 5 extra shots in for all the innocent people cops have beaten/killed."

LoL! I agree, that was a very Rodney Kingesque type beating