lol @ the DJ

trying to pump up the crowd like he's working a wedding reception.

More like they grabbed him from a wet t-shirt contest.

I'd seriously spit on that dude for his heckling Royce-Saku. Bad fight, but DJ Jazzy Jackass made it worse with his banter.

lol @ jazzy jackass

He was commenting during the fight for the crowd and PPV audience to hear? lol what did he say?

^^^ Ya during Rd. 1. I dont have DVR and couldnt make out what he was saying. Anyone?

I forget exactly, but he was yelling junk like "C'mon we wanna' see some action, dont we folks?" during the fight and then in between rounds he was trying to pump up the crowd "C'mon make some noise. These guys wanna' hear it.", like Saku and Royce were hesitant because the crowd wasnt into it enough.

Fucking terrible.

He also mispronounced Royce's name during the intro and the mic picked up the producers angrily correcting him.

I officially hate this guy and wish his death.

'is there any warcraft fans? any wwarcraft fans? uh warpath' he needed to be johnnie mortoned

LOL MONTY! I find this hilarious. If I had bought the PPV I probably would have wanted to kick him in the cajones.