LOL @ the Weigh-ins *(Re: Lutter)

Before he got on the scale someone was screaming "MAKE THE WEIGHT, MAKE THE WEIGHT!"

Plus McCarthy got in Bisping's face... hilarious.

Isn't Dana sick? He's contaminating the fighters at the weigh in...

 the crowd is HUGE!!!  Damn, looks like a fight crowd from a usual UFC!  They are going to explode when GSP comes out

lol at the people chanting "Make the weight"

ha that was funny.

Serra said something to Dana - "If they are angry, I'm gonna...." anybody catch that?

he said if there angry , there really gonna be pissed when I beat him 2 times.

I heard him say that to the crowd, is that what he said to Dana too?

 so I take it, Lutter made weight?

The Sultan -  so I take it, Lutter made weight?


How did Rich look?

 Any pics or video?

[quote]frederic - Does Rich have the pre-fight black eye again?[/quote]

I was thinking the same thing! under videos

lol Cre. You say that every time!

 not by serra

 HAHA Lutter is going to get smashed and so is Serra

" Rich doesn't have the pre-fight black eye, but he has a mark on the right side of his face, the mark of the beast."

LOL nice..I expect an absolute thrashing of Lutter

After he made the weight, he actually got a decent amount of applause. Maybe they were just pleasantly surprised?

Oh, and CRE, considering that Rich Franklin's apparently a creationist, and as such probably takes the whole religion thing kind of seriously, I don't know if it's really apropos to imply that he is a servant of the Antichrist.

Funniest thing with the weigh-in was when Goldberg asked GSP a question and someone in the audience loudly screamed: "YOU'RE GONNA GIT KNOCKED OUT AGAIN".
Both goldie and gsp ignored it.

Rich Franklin 6 months from now = Ken Shamrock last year