LOL @ UFC Haters

Everyone sitting here on the UG, saying an exciting KO was bad for the UFC. It's not a Griffin/Bonnar war, but BY FAR, the worst case scenario is Cain on top, GnP'ing Dos Santos for 5 rounds...or some kind of bloodbath...broken limb...or worse.

It wasn't the BEST scenario, but it was still great. If you want a perfectly scripted live event, go watch WWE you douchebags.

 I get what you're saying, but you think Dana wouldn't rather that Cain had won?

Auzzie - 
Shahanshah - yeah, that is what is is "UFC haters"

grow up and stop shilling for a company (a great one) that you are not employed by.
Why are you telling everyone to grow up? lol this fag sent me a private message telling me to grow up. You grow up, lmao
Ignore him, Shah is one of the most belligerent, hostile jerks on the site. Only a matter of time before the VTFD get rid of him. Vote and let them do their job.