10.00pm Boxing: Heavyweight Explosion
Box & Wrest.

Foxsports 2

Seems fox even wanna try and distance self from naming of the show :(


Nikko'd on the back of my hand.
any chance of Art & Jason's fights?

Are we sure the Lombard fight will be shown? or is it just that the event is being broadcast? I don't want to stay up for it and not see the MMA fights, that would not make me a very happy camper!

Good stuff on Fox! They've just shown the Art Murrie win, exciting fight!

Hector is VERY rounded and has excellent submission knowledge, however, he just loves to punch people HARD!

TAKASE is an incredible gaurd fighter and he was obliterated. He's gonna be the first of many superstars to feel the wrath of LOMBARD.

Was great to see the MMA fights on FOX. Massive thanks to the guys at rising for having faith in the sport. Huge kudos to cameron QUINN who refereed a flawless pressing style that only helps the sports acceptance, popularity and wider appeal.

I am very proud to say that hector will be a big player in MMA soon and training with one of the sports elite teams, competing at the highest level. It is SCARY to think that he still can become even better.

Anyway guys, off to bed then off to the GP tommorrow :)


it was fvcking great to have mma on fox!
It was funny listening to the commentators, BUT i think they need to
have mma commentators for the mma matches.

Hey Justin, what happened with Hector's ebay contract? is he signed up
with anyone?
He looks real good! I'd like to see him against Chris Leben!!!

They showed more MMA fights than kickboxing fights. Great exposure
for our sport. Hector did look impressive as usual and he is going to
bigger pay days. Not to take anything away from him but it was
obvious to anyone that Takase was NOT close to 100% ready for this
fight. Oh well...congrats to Hector.

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The commentary seemed to consist of the 2 guys yelling "Ground and Pound!"

WOW! great fights!!!!

surprized not many are giving congrats to Art, Daniel & Jason who, all were extremely impressive as well.

Agreed Takase was not 100%. Would have been heaps better if he was but I think the result would have been the same..... A really big shame still...

They are the best fight commentators ever!!!!

Always good for a laugh....

Still remember when Sperry, Haseman, Sinosic etc. fought on that OZ card 11 or 12 years ago. I was pissing myself at the commentry.

There is a little thai ref on fox who always finds it necessary to fall down when the fighters do.... when they start giving him shit I have to watch fights through tears of laughter.

The only people who know a side head lock from a neck crank or what ever are the 0.000001% of the population versed in subs...

Imagine if they said words like omaplata or kimura... or "he's giving him a triangle" NO-ONE would know what the f%#$ is going on.

That was a great show to watch, those first two kickboxing KO's were so lucky.

Hector looked great, although Takase was not 100%. Was great to see someone look that happy after a win, hope his general personality is the same. Hector is huge for 85kgs, what is his height?

Went to bed after this fight, how did they finish the show on tv, did they mention the bikie crap?

Shivello and The Hammer are great commentators, they always make me laugh as well.

Joe Silva keeps telling me that we need to bring back the "Agresso-meter"... :)


Ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!

the agresso-meter!!!!

an absolute icon of OZ mma long since forgotten..


great fights all round! Awesome to see not just MMA on Aussie TV, but AUSSIE MMA on Aussie TV!

All the fights were really exciting, and yes, the commentators were freakin hilarious! the side head lock call was great. Not to take anything away from Hector, because i thought he was extremely impressive, but Takase's knee was definately not 100%, so props to him for taking the fight anyway.

I watched the show from the Wet Mess (Bar) of the Miners Camp up here at Area C. The boys loved it and were really into the MMA.

Great show and Hector looked scary as usual!!!!


re TAKSE not 100%.. Who knows?? he certainly wasn't by match end. I am not a doctor and wasn't privvy to the examination, but.........

it is not uncommon for a fighter to use the "injury/withdrawal" ploy as mindgame pre-fight.

Anyway - the injury is speculative, Hector's dominace was not.

In japan now attended the Open weight GP with YOSHIDA last night, read into that anyway you like ;)


"re TAKSE not 100%.. Who knows?? he certainly wasn't by match end. I am not a doctor and wasn't privvy to the examination, but......... "

Just imho.

"In japan now attended the Open weight GP with YOSHIDA last night, read into that anyway you like ;) "