London/Aylmer Clubs?


I have a student attending OPC in January. Can anyone recommend a club in the London/Aylmer area?

Any info would be great..




If your looking for grappling check out Fetahs

Hey Andy! I shortened it down to:

But you can get to it through the other URL still.

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There are actually some OPC students that are already involved in the programs at Team Tompkins Muay Thai & Submission.


How in depth is the stuff the OPC teaches and uses anyway? Thanx! =)

If you want grappling definately Fetah. If you are more into striking Tompkins.

Dougie opc is not that in depth. This is not first hand but coming from past graduates.

Fetah's Club is the best for sub. grappling in London by far. It's located just off HWY 401, and the parking is free. They also have some good National level wrestlers to help you with your takedowns (Stu Petrie and Pat Mills). I don't think Fetah will charge you much either!

Good luck with your exams, there pretty easy if you pay attention in class.

Stay safe!

Shawn (TPS)31 Division

I think Stu broke my neck last week.

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Thanks everyone..

I will pass on the info.


Always in life you get what you pay for.

Thats a basic rule...

We have lots of rules.... but we win and are active....

"Always in life you get what you pay for."

I sincerely hope that this is not a crack at Fateh not charging someone much and them therefore not getting much in return. If thats not what you apologies..however IF that is what you are way off.

That being said..I'll repeat what others have already said.

If grappling is what you are looking for.. go to Fateh's. If striking / Muay Thai definitely Tompkins

"Always in life you get what you pay for"
We give props to Tompkins club and you slam us with a line like that. Ever hear of a thing called professional courtesy?

I'm sure Mr. Tompkins didn't mean anything ill mannered by his comments. I hope he wasn't offended because I did not mention his club in my post. I have know Fateh for a number of years now, and I thought I'd give my opinion on his submission grappling abilities. Fateh is a black belt in Judo and is well established with his Jiu-Jitsu. Fateh has a background that is hard to match, his club by far is the TOP in London for submission grappling (No Gi or Gi). Fateh is a true gentalman of the sport, and that is the only reason that he would not charge much for his services. His techniqes are tops in London.

As far as having active champions, I know several of his students did extremely well at this years Joslin's tournament at all levels, and they also compete in many events in the United States.

Fetah also has some National level wrestlers(Stu & Pat) training at his club. Their technical experience far exceeds that of anyone coaching wrestling in London (other than my father, sorry guys). These guys are always open to showing their techniques.

The combination of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling at his club definately puts Fateh's Fight Club tops in London for submission grappling.

Mr. Tompkins has produced good stand up fighters, and from what I have been told he has a good striking program.

Thanks and Merry Xmas!

Shawn Geris

Guys, let's not get nutty here. There is no point in fighting because both clubs do different things.

Shawn has been super helpful to me in regards to the nutritional suppliments and finding gear.

Fateh is a great guy. We all know that he does what he does at his club because he loves it. Hell he puts up with my ass and anyone who does that is pretty patient. Ha ha ha!

I guess in a perfect world people people could belong to any club they want and work with anyone but sometimes competition gets the better of everyone. I know myself that I want to work with everyone I can here. I know when I was in Toronto visiting Family Fateh encouraged me to check out Wagnney's and I had a blast.

So what the guy should do is check out both clubs and then go with the one he likes or fits him best.

Now, on to more important things...


What are you all getting me?

Sorry, not meaning to start anything. I just wasnt' sure where that comment was coming from.

like I said.. if striking is what they are looking for..then definitely go to Tompkins! They have far superior striking/Muay Thai there.

Go to Fateh if Grappling is what you want.

Both schools have a LOT to offer. :)

Good point, but more importantly, what are you getting me for Christmas?

a sucker punch??

A sucker punch? Jeez, how is that different than any other class?

How about a kick in the nutz? I have the new jock and all.


sure thing. ;)