Long Beach Fight Night, another good event

 These guys run a smooth show, which is rare for a smaller show.  8 solid fights from 135ers to heavyweights.  My training partner Adam Watts won in impressive fashion, congrats buddy!  David Gardner fought a smart fight to beat out Thomas Kenney 2 rounds to 1.  Heavyweights gave us a nice knockout.  Darrell Montague looked strong with a win by RNC, that kid didn't have a chance!  Looking forward to the event in January.  Well done Heddy!  Also, will you PM me or email me?  I'd like to talk to you about a possible sponsership next event.  Dan@grapple-armor.com  Thanks.

great event and the LBFN crew was really cool and great to work with. smooth show, and we all know most arnt that way. was happy to on board with them. GARDNER

David, I'm not sure it was gameplan or not, but you used the high kick to herd him into the corner really well. It set up your clinch-to-takedowns every time. Good job.

usually like to shoot singles and doubles, but we ended up clintching so used a little greco/judo. was a good and fun event. shit every fighter i know would love to have every event run that smooth. props!!!!

Glad you guys had fun. We are still a small promotion but it's posts like this that will help us continue to grow. Thanks again for the support guys and hopefully we'll see you all on January 3rd.

Oh and David, you sir are a beast. You and Tommy had a great fight.

Once again awesome event... David great fight Nice work last night... Congrats



Here's a little highlight of what went down that night. 


Judo Gene contemplated throwing you on your head for interrupting his tacos. That's the only suit he ever wears, btw.