Looking 4 fights at 145lbs

There is a fighter named Jessie Hinerman that is looking for a fight in Sept or Oct. He has a fight record of 2-1. Very exciting fighter!!! If interested
Please contact me at crazytnhb2001@aol.com or (304)281-6778

Take care and train hard!!!

Todd"CRAZY T"Carney

Rich clementi has a few guys that fight 145

Do you have any contact info for me?

age limit?
email me at: lmb0890@yahoo.com


He turns 20 next month.

Where are you out of?

Todd, I think I've seen Jessie fight before. Isn't his last name spelled 'Hinerman'?

If somebody is wanting to put the fight together, I have a guy at 145 who would be a tough fight for Jessie.

Where does jesse live? I know someone looking for a 145 pound fighter for Sept.9th if he is available.

Email me at nhbteamdna@hotmail.com or call 814-403-2881

Dan Swift

Hey Dan, I heard from Roc that I missed you the other night at the IFBL. I actually think I saw you walking around earlier in the night but didn't have a chance to say Hi.

By the way, we hung out with your fighter (Danny?) at Perkins after the show ended. He's a good guy.

  • Josh

Where are you from we have a couple fighters at 145lbs in our Academy www.SilverDragonPMA.com give us a call we are located in Springfield Ma. 413-543-8877 if your interested.

looking for someone that is 145 pounds and is within driving distance to Chicago.

Hey Josh, How did your fighter do? I love your logo. It looks good on those tees you were selling. I left after the 5th fight. Had to work the next day. Danny looked good. he just joined my team recently. Will you guys be in Euclid,Oh on Sept.16th?


is it Joe's show?


We are doing shows in Sept and Oct in NE Ohio. Email me Greg@Prokarateweekly.com

casey oxendine fights at 145


I know a couple 145 lbers, lol.