Looking for 155 & 185 ammy MT and MMA fighters

I am looking for amateur 155 & 185 Muay Thai and MMA fighters in the Central Florida area.

I am going to do events in the new year on January 15th, February 5th, and March 5th. I going to do 4 8-man tournaments over the course of these 3 shows in Muay Thai and MMA at 155lbs and 185lbs. The events will be held at Route 46 Entertainment District in Sanford, FL.

The matches are single elimination and the winner moves onto the next round. All the fighters competing will have around the same experience for the event. No crazy records against people who haven't fought before. The events are IKF & ISCF sanctioned.

In the February and March events there will be individual matches as well as the tournament semifinals and finals. The winners of each of the tournaments will receive a championship belt. Fighters that are eliminated will have chances to compete again in regular matches during the Feb and March events. There is also the possibility of them having to fill in spots in the tournament if someone who won in a previous round has to drop out due to injury, etc.

Each fighter competing in MMA must submit a copy of a negative blood test (HIV Hep B & C) no older than six months from the date of the bout.

Also there is going to be a $30 registration fee for each event. I will have a photographer and videographer ringside at the events and each fighter shall receive copies of all photos from their bouts and a video copy of the whole event. The registration fee will also go towards the championship belts for each division.

January 15th
I would have 16 fights on this card. This would take care of my 1st round in all 4 tournaments.
4 Tournament Fights @ 155lbs MMA
4 Tournament Fights @ 155lbs MT
4 Tournament Fights @ 185lbs MMA
4 Tournament Fights @ 185lbs MT

Februrary 5th
2 Tournament Fights @ 155lbs MMA
2 Tournament Fights @ 155lbs MT
2 Tournament Fights @ 185lbs MMA
2 Tournament Fights @ 185lbs MT
Also 7 regular fights on the card

March 5th
Tournament Final @ 155lbs MMA
Tournament Final @ 155lbs MT
Tournament Final @ 185lbs MMA
Tournament Final @ 185lbs MT
Also 10 regular fights on the card

The fights are a while off but I want to get the setting up now as I need guys that can commit to fighting Jan, Feb, Mar of next year. Send me the fighters name, age, record, and tournament division they would like to compete in. The weigh-ins are the day of the event.

Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

 Sounds great, man!

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i have someone in mind. contact info?

Add me as a friend and I will PM you the contact info Gumby7

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is this event still on for jan 15th?

I havent heard anything more about the jan 15th event...and it is next weekend.
I'm assuming it is no more?