looking for 2 Brown Belts!!!

We are looking for a BJJ Brown belt to compete in a superfight against Rowan Cunningham and a Brown or purple belt to compete against Kyle Sandford at the Atlantic Grappling Tournament in June. If anyone is intereted please email me at fitplus@hotmail.com

I'll fuck Rowan up!

loaf is a ninja

Kyle Sanford's weight?

Kyle and Rowan's weight?

Kyle used to walk around 190 or so. I believe Rowan is 180.

Where are you located Loaf?

Me tinks loafie joking.

i got a brown belt in tae kwon do ( they dont come in brown do they )

does a real one in judo count (then again im wieghing 158 now a days

goodluck with your searching

I've got a black belt in keepin it real....

Sorry guys, had to do it

Gi or no GI?

I was hoping to do one superfight gi and one no-gi. Hopefully Rowan's with gi and Kyle's without.

Scott, I don't care much about weight. Within reason.
On that note, I'm getting lighter everyday.
I was 186 this morning. I wonder if I should fight MMA at 170... think I could do it?

Stay the hell out of my division!

Problem solved. Kyle vs Rowan, old school vale tudo rules at a catch weight of 175. %50 of profits going to me for the idea.


Ill put on 25 Lbs in each thigh to fight rowan.

Sandford vs. Cunningham already happened once. The universe couldn't handle the rematch. Sort of like the Beyonder vs. Molecule Man II.

CanWrestler, beefcake legs and skinney upper body is all the rage these days. You've got to chase girls around with a mop and bucket when I wear my jean shorts (baggy in the waist and tight on the thighs).

I will fight but I weigh well over 250 pounds now

Seeing how strong you are compared to most at 185 is scary, but hell if you ever made weight at 170 you'de be getting compared to a lot of the big names out there pd for pd.

Kyle, if I make 170, maybe we can fight.