Looking for a BJJ instructor

 I have a friend opening a judo school out in Valrico and he is looking for a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor to teach three days a week.  60/40 split-60 for the BJJ instructor.  If anyone is interested, let me know.  Send me an email at  mgeery@gmail.com



I am interested if salary offered exceeds 50,000. I am a white belt but my jiu jitsu knowledge is great

I actually know a guy that is new to the area who might work out. Only thing he dosent speak a word of english. He is a Nogueira Black Belt. If your interested please call me at the Brandon XFC gym 813-381-3811.

 Thanks guys.  Shah-can you shoot me an email with some more details at mgeery@gmail.com.


will do

 Thanks Shah

so i take it you are not interested in my services... very well