Looking for a good pair of grappling shorts.

Sure a thread like this has been posted multiple times but I'm looking for a longer pair that offers good flexibility.

Loved my no-gi shorts but am looking for something longer.

Heard the drako's are good.Tapout is all for the name and not any flex on the inseems.

Anyways thoughts are appreciated.

Clinch gear shorts are the most flexible...40 thieves look cool not like grappling shorts, Sprawls are cool but over priced, and poorly built

 Gameness shorts best I've had by a mile

The new nogi shorts are longer FYI. Just rocked the new kingpin shorts tonight. Sweet shorts. My 2nd favorite is 40 thieves.

mikehotel - Sprawls are cool but over priced, and poorly built
LMAO!  I've had one pair of V flex for 5 years and wear them 2x a week and they're still perfect. I've got 3 pair that are 3+years old and still perfect..  


just get some surfer boardshorts man, way cheaper and they work just fine...

try fortythieves.

order from budovideos.com

great shorts, right price.

sprawl is very good as well but just enough for me to switch to fortythieves. they are reaching 60 USD for shorts. fuck that.


best on the market!

Thanks so far.

I'll check out the new No-gi shorts and forty thieves..

Any more opinions

i fully endorse the no-gi shorts as well.

I'm all fortythieves.