Looking for a High Quality Judo or Sambo Sculpture

Budget for this is around $600. If anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate them.

I was once looking for a Leroy Neiman print of judo. Couldn't find one but did see that he once painted a sumo event. Still thinking about getting it.

I don't know how to post a picture but here is a link I found:


 Great question!  I don't how much these cost, but they are well done. She has a morote seoinage and a seoinage bronze sculpture.


Here is her website.



Thank you. I saw that piece earlier today and I loved it but based on what I read I did not think it was available.

I have emailed her and I hope its available.

Thanks again.


Thanks for bringing the subject up.  I might be interested in it as well.  Please let me know what you find out in regards to availability and price.

I got a reply this morning, the cost is 4,000 British Pounds. I like it but not that much.

 My wife says I can buy it, but first I have to sell a kidney.


why not go to a local college's art dept. and try to commission a student to do it? poor college kids would do what you are asking for the money.

Josh, thats actually a good idea.

...do i ever have a bad idea? =)

 Shiro Oishi sells some of his very cool judo artwork at his school in NYC.  I have a friend who has a painting of judoka doing his favorite throw.

buy some of fedors artwork