Looking for a International fight!

 any promoters have any fights in Canada or anywhere else in the next couple months?


Gotta get back in that cage asap had a tough loss my last fight.

TTT fight forum can't get any talk about a guy wanting a fight and a blob that hubble took a pic of gets hits??! Good luck. Phone Post

 thanks man!

I hear the Japanese orgs aren't doing to well financially right now, but that would be sick if you got a fight in Sengoku or Dream! MFC up in Canada seems to be doing alright though... and Mark Pavelich posts here ;)

 lol thanks guys! if i get a fight i'll put the ug all over my shorts and shirt :-)

 most local shows say they are booked up

 oh and if i got a fight in AU as long as i got a free flight and hotel id fight for FREE! 

TTT 4 a fight 4 keith 

good luck finding a fight man

Cool I will contact him right away Phone Post

Im from Canada, and pretty piseed off today... Ill fight ya.

Who needs a manager when you got the UG :-) just added martjin on Facebook Phone Post

 TTT and good luck.

KwikTempah -  Dude - that guy you just lost to , Brett Cooper ? he appears to have beaten the better guys he has fought and lost to the lower quality guys , strange. Phone Post

 i know that is kinda wierd...but its mma strange is almost a normal thing.

i have two 6 sec KO's and i tryed to get another vs him lol but he got me with a good counter punch

and it was stopped (a little early) but thats how it goes my bad

but im going to calm down a little still aggressive but more caughtious and aware too

^ you got a great attitude about fighting.  I was at the cooper fight, it was definitely shitty what happened, no way it should have been recorded a ko, you got knocked down but were fully conscience, it was all the rabbit punches/gnp that made the ref step in.  my experience w/ mma that is called a tko, not ko. oh well, on to bigger and better things in the future!  ttt for a fight

TTT Goodluck!

pavelich, make it happen man!


occmsrazr - pavelich, make it happen man!

 I'd love to fight for MFC if mark gave me a chance that would be awesome.