looking for Bjj school to train at in Jacksonville

 Hey guys im doing some work during the week in Jacksonville, Florida for the next couple of months and am looking for a good bjj school to go to, do you have any suggestions for me?

 Definitely recommend Master Luis Palhares. I've been to his school many times, he has great guys and gals, plus you can't beat 7th Degree Coral Belt under Rickson Gracie.

Heres his website:


He has two locations, One is in Jacksonville (where he teaches) the other is in Orange Park. Both are towards the south end of Jacksonville.

I've rolled at Gracie Barra South Jax on business trips. It's a great school with a wonderful vibe. Check it out at http://www.gbsjax.com/

All the already mentioned schools are very good but also check out

Great people & lots of high ranking belts always willing to roll

About 40 mins away in St Augustine but well worth the trip to train with a 3rd degree Relson BB in Phil Cardella

Also check out combat athletix in Orange park  now a Relson school with 2 bad ass black belts in Carlos Varona & Smiley 

Bulldog boxing off of Phillips is also a great place.

You will not encounter any politics or BS at any of these gyms

Hey guys thank you for the recomendations. If your ever in south georgia(brunswick) stop by and give my instructor Scott Divine a shout! Phone Post

I have been with Luiz for five or six years so you know what my recommendation is!

Anyway, you're in luck because there is a tournament this weekend. You can come and meet people from all the local schools.


Luiz by far!!!!

bmx who are you?

Had a private with Palhares years back. Awesome BJJ. Dropped in at Victor Huber's (under Royler) a couple years back a handful of times, and really enjoyed his classes too. You got Smiley at Combat Athletix in Orange Park as well. Heard good things about the Training Yard as well. Nader (black under Devine) teaches at two different places in Jax too. A handful of other places with some BJJ down there too, but I don't have any personal experience with them. Jax is so spread out you may just have to go with who is closest since your just dropping in.

I'll be seeing Devine next Saturday myself.

I train at Victor Huber's school (Gracie Humaita) in Atlantic Beach. Great environment, friendly people, and his instruction is outstanding.

I might be a little drive from JAX but youre always welcome to a first free class. www.MMA4FLORIDA.com


Plenty of great training in JAX area to explore. I would see where is closest to where you are and build a good spot for your growth, support the place as well, don't just bounce around collecting free classes.


ThugLife - attjax

Hows ATTJax doing? I went by a few weeks ago and they were closed. I heard there are new trainers also. Who's teaching up there other than Mike? Thanks!

ATT JAX closed to my knowledge.