Looking For Female Pros 750/750

www.fightforce.tv is looking to put togheter a pro female fight in our next show July 21st. Fight will pay 750 to show 750 to wing plus plane tickets. Contact gladiatorcombat@hotmail.com


Do you know what weight?

e-mail sent

medical coverage included?

Currently any weight, but we are in talks with Amanda Buckner manager.

Secondary Medical is covered. No insurance compney will cover primary for fighters.

I am willing to fight a girl. Does that count?

dude...you are not gonna find a female that weighs that much that'l fight...give it up....

Whatever, I am willing to fight a smaller girl. I don't care.

Looking for someone to fight Amanda Buckner at 135lbs.

Kellen hueyn is a good entertaining fighter. she weight around 120 though. So if you have girls that weight, look her up


hey thanks veng...how have you been anyway? i got flat out robbed on a split decision saturday night, i didnt complain till i saw the tape...i do have a naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty shiner though and cant train till it heals up.....i fought up to 130 but dont want to take fights that heavy anymore.

check out all the write ups on the fight, sherdog has one, also full contact fighter news and mma weekly or something, the promotion was called Total Combat 14 (Throwdown) in Del Mar (San Diego)...it was a nice bloody war, first sanctioned womens fight in california so hopefully people saw what they needed to see and the resty of the girls can get some fights out here....and some RESPECT!