Looking for good sponsor?

I am looking for top quality PRO fighters.

I have an mma school in Daytona Beach FL with UFC vet Rich Crunkilton and work with over 20 solid amateurs.

What Im looking for are names, the bigger the better. If you have televised events we have $cash$ We have a website right now, www.hcfighter.com but have been working on something behind the scenes.

Our new brand and website will launch in June/July 2006 and we already have deals in the works with many UFC fighters. The new site is

www.DamageBoyz.com We have $cash$ for the right guys.

We are looking to come out strong and intend on battling Tapout, Full Contact Fighter, Warrior Wear for the top spot in mma gear.

If you are interested in linking up with us contact me at Rocky@DaytonaMMA.com


email me at yloof@hotmail.com, i have a couple of good guys in need of sponsors.

I have a couple of canadian fighters looking for more sponsors, one of them is Ivan Menjivar ranked no 5 at 145 lbs .

Thanks to everyone who has replied I will be getting back with you each very soon if I have not already.

Keep em coming guys. Rocky@DaytonaMMA.com

Also if anyone wants to sell DamageBoyz gear on your website contact me.

I can send you the designs and wholesale info after we talk. Serious inquiries only.


TTT for HC!!!

the ebst clothing company around!

Wow, Im getting great results. Thanx 2 all those who recognize the potential of www.DamageBoyz.com


Please contact me at intuitionmedia@gmail.com

Please email me @ yloof@hotmail.com

please contact me at kidcohen@gmail.com