Looking for good wrestling program NYC

Hello underground! I have a 15 year old cousin who has grown up in the projects and gang ridden areas of the Lower East Side of Manhattan and he wants to be an MMA fighter. We are trying to find him an affordable decent wrestling program to start him in, but we have had no luck. His school has discontinued it because they needed the space for other things and the local community center was torn down and they put condos in? Well i was hoping someone would have any connections or ideas in that area. He is a good kid and stays away from trouble and we would love to keep it that way! Thanks in advance! Phone Post 3.0

Check out Beat the Streets.

Thank you so much! Phone Post 3.0

Subbed Phone Post 3.0

wiggum - Check out Beat the Streets.

^This, BTS has done some real good stuff

Twin Towers Wrestling Club.

Yup Beat the Streets. Also there's a wrestling club in the NYAC near central park invite only though. Phone Post

Thanks so much everyone! He is so excited! Phone Post 3.0

arent there a few high schools in queens and brooklyn that still offer wrestling programs?

they are private catholic schools maybe...

wiggum - Check out Beat the Streets.

I work for them.

Ask for Bill Crum or Ken Bigley. Phone Post 3.0

He can also come work out with my team but we're in Brooklyn. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks to all of you! He is officially signed up and starts next week! He cant wait! Love to the underground for the help! Phone Post 3.0