Looking for Ivan pics!

Hey Guys,

We are looking for pics of Ivan's last fight at the UFC to add to his

Pics from fans, professional photographers, journalists would be

We would obviously give credit to you on the website or you can
add your name on the pics.

Please email them to scott@aristeiafighters.com


Hey Scott how are things?

My Photo's of Menjivar will be up in a day or two.

let me know if you are interested in any of them.

Arnold if you have any pics with Ivan and his hockey jersey he wore to the cage that would be great as well. Thank you in advance.


Hey Arnold,

Thanks a million!

I really wanted to meet up with you but didn't get around to
contacting you before leaving.

We will have to meet up next time.

sherdog.com's got about 15 or so pics up from the Menjivar/Serra fight.

Hey Scott

I wanted to meet up with you and Nathan at the show but I guess we will have to do it next time. Are you going to the Show in August?

I am working on the Photo's as we speak. I hope to have them ready soon.

Arnold we don't plan on going to the next one but UFC50 you never know ;-).


If I could, I would surely go to every show.
I always have a blast at the UFC.
My heart is telling me to return to Vegas for UFC 49.
My wallet is telling my heart to shut up!

We will meet up for sure wether it be at a future UFC or TKO.

I will get in touch with you regarding the pics, the DVD's for sale
and some other business.

Take Care!