Looking for some bar size posters

I'm looking for some bar size 24x18 posters. Let me know what you have, I'm not looking to spend a lot but want to fill some space on a wall. Phone Post

I have quite a few of that size from UFC 97 & up. Let me know which cards you're looking for. There's a few I wanna keep myself.

I have a 92 and a 96 bar size for sale.

Post 97's if be interested are 102, 117 and Rio.

How far back do the bar sizes go back? Phone Post

Oldest one I have is 68.

oldest i have seen is a double-sided 72/73, besides hix's 68.

Does anyone have a 79??? Phone Post


I have one but not for sale.

gage-I just bought 3 posters and when I get them I"ll have an extra 135 poster.If interested let me know.

Chip you have a 79 bar size? How much does it go for?

Rickson, no thanks bud I hate Jon jones Phone Post

it's in there somewhere....

I got mine on ebay for ten bucks right after the fight, doubt that I would sell it for that :P I like it bc Serra is on it instead of GSP.

fp told me there is a different version with some weird advertisers logo on the bottom i'm sure you could probably pick one of those up cheaper if you can find one.

That's the problem...finding one haha

And man do you have I e badass garage. I need to post pics of mine soon, it's comin along Phone Post

These are the 18x24's I'm willing to sell:

117 (taped edges, 2" rip.)
133 Evans vs Davis
108 (2" rip, taped edges)

All the rest I have I'm keeping for my personal collection. Unless the dollar was right. Lol

gage949 -

Rickson, no thanks bud I hate Jon jones Phone Post

LOL if you pay a few bucks for shipping you can have it for that.

Theres a couple different lots of 18x24 posters on ebay right now.