Looking for some MMA sparring gloves (7oz)

I'm looking for a pair of MMA sparring gloves that have the bar that runs across the palm, just like the ones below. Anybody know of a good pair like this? There's so many brands out today and most of you on here train, so I figured one of the UG boys would have some insight.


Why do you want the bar in the middle?

I am also looking into bringing MMA training/sparring gloves into my gym. Im looking for something reasonably priced with protection for our guys.

 The bar helps you make a fist. I have 4 pairs of MMA sparring gloves but they all have the open palm. For mostly striking, I want a pair with the bar.

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 Yes sir!

If they have a bar, they are not sparring gloves, they are MMA bag gloves.  

Check these out, they are a great MMA sparring glove.
The glove bottom comes down further into the palm and simulates the feeling like a glove with a bar would have.

sparring with those is such a bad idea! if youre determined though, why not those ringsides?

I didnt know they were only for bag work. I wore a pair that belonged to a friend of mine and he was doing gnp sparring with them, light punching. That sucks, they were sweet.

I got the Combat ones as they were cheap. I would not recommend them at all.

Naderhood - most of you on here train,

lmao, good one :D

Sans -  Try the UG store.

 Are you kidding me? I ordered a pair of gloves and a sticker in OCT of last year and STILL havent received them.....

David Bollea - I own a website that promotes those via amazon..




Hope that helps.

Those Top Contender gloves are perfect because they have the bar across the palm, but they're apparently only for bag work.


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That is a brand you may have heard of.

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I use the Combat Corner ones posted above for the last 3 years and I like them, but sometimes, we don't use those extra padded ones, so I used the traditional Fairtex NHB thumbless gloves that many orgs use. I loved them for years, but I just got these, and love them.


Better wrist support, feel already broken in, easy to make a fist, and the padding is already contoured to your fist.

The gloves you posted were my first pair of gloves. I actually took the bar out after a while, but while the gel padding is cool, there is not enough support to use for anything else other than bag work. 

Lmao at sparring in those!! You may as well be holding a roll of pennies.

Built to fight and combat sports have the best sparring gloves out there IMO Phone Post

Naderhood -
Shan, I hope your fugly dog eats your favcorite pair of shoes

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Usually the ones with the bar in the palm are for hitting the heavy bag. I've never seen a pair that are labeled as sparring gloves that have the bar Phone Post

 I had a pair of combat sports ones....they were decent, but were kinda weird for grappling sometimes.