Looking for things from Shammy's..

event in AC...

I went to the damn show but I didnt colelct anything back then...

Anyone gota stub, pass or poster from that show?

Baroni was on it as well...


UFC 30?

No mike...

Ken Shamrock was a promoter and fighter for an event once in AC...I think it was called mega something...

Ken vs Sam Adkins was the Main event...

VErnon white and Baroni fought (not each other)

I was there but wasnt collecting stuff at the time..


Nobody has anything???!?!?!?!

Dont even remember the event taking place.

I have 2 Lion`s Den shirts :-(

lol the event existed!

I'm witchu. He fought a schlub

i have the all access pass from that show.


How much?!


Crowbar what color and size of tshirts???


Sorry I stopped coming here for awhile.They both are size XL.