Looking for used

Bubba Gracie in decent condition. Don't really want to spend full price for one and was wondering if someone had one for sale for considerably less.

are you anywhere near NYC? i have one i could sell but dont know how
i would go about shipping it.

DDK I am across the country unfortunatley. Real easy to ship actually!.

*I send you money via paypal or money order through mail.

*Take bubba put him in passenger seat and strap on seatbelt.

*Drive bubba to any "postal annex"/shipping place.

*Bring Bubba inside and tell them you want to ship him..they package him up and weigh him to which he will then be sent to The Southern Californias
Your bubba needs sun, beaches and a margarita.. he is depressed. He has had enough of the big apple..it's taken a toll on em.

Do the right thing.

lol SD. thanks for the shipping tips but i have no car and therefore
would have to fireman's carry bubba about 12 blocks to the post office
whilst simultaneously pushing my kid in his stroller, a feat i have not
adequately trained to endure. i also feel like it would be a waste for
you to pay 20, 30, 40, 50 or whatever dollars extra to have it shipped.

next time youre in nyc though feel free to swing by and pick him up.

he's waiting patiently on the floor of my hallway closet

i misred some of your post sd, i thought you were telling him to strap the bubba into a coach seat on an airliner.

drugs are bad for you.

ddk - put bubba in the stroller an carry your kid. lol

Cool DDk..

Rare, I do not see why that would not work as long as he was not placed next to a designated emergency exit.

Deach has the correct idea.

Any others?

Just wait til the kid can walk and put Bubba in the stroller. Problem solved.

This is a great problem solving excercise, everybody being so positive!!!!

duct tape the kid in bubba's closed guard and put them both in the stroller. don't forget to remove the kid before you pack and ship bubba.

This one is slightly used but comes with "extra" benefits...

I am getting married in less than a month.. I could probably use one of those.

^ congrats?