looking for video...

I'm trying to find copies of Combat Zone 5 and 7. I'm actually only looking for the cushman/greeley fight from 5 and the Jack/Seguin fight from 7. If anybody can help with this I would really appreciate it. If you want to email instead of responding on this thread I can be reached at abuckner@pivot.net

Amanda Buckner


miller may be able to help ya.

seems like he can find anything

ichiniban@aol.com for bruce Marshall


Awesome clip, OMA!!!! I want that!

hmm. cushman greely? amanda who are you scouting :)

Thanks OMA, that was a great clip.



Thats link to save clip

Derek - We've tried Bruce a few times but haven't had luck getting this done through him.

Chris - I'm definitly more interested in Greeley's performance if that answers your question :)



i c. well i can sum it up in one word: nothing.

the guy is a total tomato can.