Looking for workout video..

I'm after a no-weights, anaerobic workout video. I've got the Pit workout (it's not bad) and after something to mix it up a little bit.

Any suggestions?

Bas Rutten workout all the way.

Cool. Any others?

jazzercise son.

Are you referring to the Bas Rutten workout found on YouTube? I have seen that video, and I aspire to be able to go at that intensity soon. It's a great workout...

The Bas Rutten is CDs but there is a video that shows you how to do it. (Its pretty self explanitory if you have any type of background) but you probably want to watch it for hte all around fighting & all around work out CD


LOL at the Baroni vid suggestion.

Frank Shamrock and his plyometric workout

Carmen Electra striper workout my wrists are freakin massive now.